Q&A 2.4


I realized halfway through drawing this tonight that probably no one will understand what's going on here unless they've been keeping up with Mitadake Saga: Duo. Basically Taku is a character that no one likes because he's nosy and insensitive, and it's become a bit of a run-on gag between me and the artist to use him. I should've realized this sooner and done a different one, but it was too late...

Also, I am so sorry for my awful art. I hit a bit of a downer mood this afternoon, so I am finding it very hard to be motivated. It's become apparent in my drawings... I'm trying my best to barrel through it though, so please bear with me. :c Thanks~

Just...just go look at Ephemeros's fanart! D:

14th Oct 2011, 12:01 AM


14th Oct 2011, 12:25 AM

They can be best friends.

14th Oct 2011, 12:29 AM

Is there anyone Oralee wont be friends with?

14th Oct 2011, 2:22 AM

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA this is amazing. And glorious.
Gloriously amazing.

14th Oct 2011, 4:10 AM

Wake the Strutters

14th Oct 2011, 4:16 AM

This is great. So very great.

14th Oct 2011, 6:31 AM

And with that, Taku led Oralee right out of the series. D:

14th Oct 2011, 7:45 AM

? . . .

14th Oct 2011, 6:02 PM

Zomb' in the future, you can keep that kinda idea all to yourself =_=

16th Oct 2011, 12:20 AM