Wake the Sleepers is a fantasy webcomic that began in May 2010. The story started its development in early 2009, although various influences from connected ideas trace back to 2003.

A page is posted every Friday!

The plot follows Locke Rinannis, a man searching for answers involving a strange curse inflicted on him. Along the way, he will make allies, confront powerful enemies, and reveal a history of a lore long forgotten…

Locke Vun Rinannis
Far from his home of Lucratia, Locke wanders in search of answers. He tries his best to be thoughtful and good-natured, and he seems like last person to be ever considered a threat. However, when an enormous bounty is placed on his head, one can only wonder if there is more to him than his outward appearance. The strange marks on his right arm seem to be the only link to the truth...
Oralee D'Etienne
The orphan Oralee lives spontaneously, always looking for something (or someone) interesting to latch onto for an adventure. She is determined to take care of herself, scraping through life by petty thievery and ingenuity. Although mostly aloof and oblivious in her observations, she is quite often uncannily correct.
Madoc Parnell
A mercenary who hails from a place called Espia, a small mysterious island whose people are dedicated solely to the purpose of training skilled warriors. Madoc will take almost any job as long as the price is right and the danger is guaranteed, though he often takes his time and can be a bit too laid-back about it, much to the dismay of his superiors.
Renata "Ren" Esh-Fiira
A stern woman belonging to an Eshallen caravan, a people comprised of nomadic hunters and traders. While she may seem cold, Ren values the well-being of others and will help them if they are in need. She seems to be quite skilled with earth magic and is linked to a bird named Ebiri.
A mysterious woman who seems to be connected to Locke's past somehow.

Owns the self-named inn & tavern in Amanton. A large man who initially appears surly. However, he is actually quite reasonable and considerate.
Works as a barmaid at Haderty's. Usually even-tempered, but she can be quite fiery and opinionated at times, which tends to get her into trouble.
Doctor Ilara
A local healer in Amanton, daughter of Lady Sylvana. Friends with Oralee and perhaps a bit of a caretaker, too.
Turan Esh-Fiira
Ren's father and chief of a nomadic caravan. He, like most Eshallen, has the ability to sense the elemental alignment of a person's spirit. He has an amiable and relaxed personality (quite a contrast to his daughter).

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