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Ohmylawd, I got an amazing Madoc watercolor from OnlyFoolsAndVikings, maker of Gods Almighty and Tempus! I'm honored. *u* Read her comiiiiiics. Thanks so much, Fools~!

3rd Feb 2012, 12:02 AM

"Yeah, you don't wanna know where this hand's been. :I"

3rd Feb 2012, 12:51 AM

... I agree with this. 8I

But probably not for the same reason that you're thinking.

3rd Feb 2012, 12:46 PM

The only thing this strip is lacking

Is Rebecca.


3rd Feb 2012, 12:55 AM

3rd Feb 2012, 2:25 PM


3rd Feb 2012, 4:36 PM

That's great :D

4th Feb 2012, 10:39 AM

Man, if I knew it was this easy, I would've been putting Rebecca in all my pages this entire time!

7th Feb 2012, 11:03 PM

Good stuff. Can't wait for the next update.

3rd Feb 2012, 2:42 AM

Thanks very much! :D

3rd Feb 2012, 2:30 PM

wait, is he thinking what i am thinking? because if he is thinking what i am thinking, locke might be thinking that i am thinking that he might be thinking that you might be thinking and He might be thinking what i am thinking, but i think that i might be thinking what you are thinking. did you get that?

3rd Feb 2012, 6:08 AM

I think so, yes.

3rd Feb 2012, 9:05 AM

...Maybe. What are you thinking?

3rd Feb 2012, 2:30 PM

He's got Dr. Strangelove's hand. Any second now the damn thing's going to try to choke Locke out. :I

3rd Feb 2012, 6:56 AM

D: At least it's tied up. That'll stop it from choking anyosdfakjdhf

3rd Feb 2012, 2:35 PM

Oh dear. *anxious face*

7th Feb 2012, 3:24 PM

I'm not sure why, but the shading really struck me in this one. Gorgeous.

~Grammar Defender (the writer)~

3rd Feb 2012, 7:12 AM

Thank you. :)

3rd Feb 2012, 2:39 PM

The art is great on this page. Turan already seems pretty wise, though he hasn't said so much so far. And the last line was just stating the obvious, seeing as his arm is made of wood while everything else is flesh. Still, he seems pretty wise.

By the way, I like how you colored his beard. :D

3rd Feb 2012, 11:28 AM

Thanks! Yeah, Turan's an all right guy. :D

Does it really look like it's made of wood? That's something I should work on in the future. It's supposed to be just darker/grayer skin and dark veins, but I can see how it could look wooden, too. But either way, it's still a pretty obvious statement on Turan's part. Hmm!

Beards. *u* I'm learning to love them, slowlyslowly.

3rd Feb 2012, 3:00 PM

Try a bit more purple...r shading in the arm. Purple is such an unnatural color that it makes everything either look very lively or very dead.

4th Feb 2012, 2:08 PM

I kind of thought it was wooden as well at first. Just the lines that threw me, I didn't really see them as veins. Maybe make the veins more bluey/purple and thicker.

Oh and I should say that this is a lovely page c:

4th Feb 2012, 7:12 PM

Hmmm~ There's a reason for his arm turning that particular color though, and I'm not sure if purple would fit. But I don't see any reason for the veins not to be more bluey/purple, though. It might even look much better that way. I'll try it!

Thanks for the help! :D

5th Feb 2012, 9:36 AM

Gahhh This is leaving me so curious. I just read the archives up to now, and I'm sad it cuts off here. :( You have a new reader in me at least!


3rd Feb 2012, 6:53 PM

Yaaaaay, thanks! I'm so glad that you're enjoying it. :D

Hopefully all your curiosities will be answered soon~...ish.

5th Feb 2012, 9:37 AM

The first panel is absolutely beautiful~ Wonderful art. I look forward to every single update~ :D

4th Feb 2012, 4:40 PM

Aaaaa, thank you~ *u* <3

5th Feb 2012, 9:37 AM

Different and enchanted freaky shit...they mean the same thing, right?

6th Feb 2012, 6:41 PM

... Pretty much, yup. <_<

7th Feb 2012, 7:27 AM

The suspense is killing me!!! hahaha

6th Feb 2012, 11:42 PM

Nyohohoho~ >:D

7th Feb 2012, 7:28 AM

Yeah! I just started reading this comic and I read all of it in like two seperate days!!! So, now I want to now what happens next!! hahaha Keep up the awesome job!! It's a great comic!! :D

7th Feb 2012, 2:49 PM

Awesome! :D Thanks very much~ I'm so glad you like it!

9th Feb 2012, 10:47 PM


8th Feb 2012, 9:55 AM


8th Feb 2012, 12:32 PM

The feet are amazing! And that guy's cheekbones! And his adam's apple!

9th Feb 2012, 12:30 AM

Mmmyes, he has very fun facial features! :D

And feet. He has those too.

9th Feb 2012, 10:48 PM