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13th Jul 2012, 1:31 AM

lol he is gonna get what's coming to him

I'm referring to meedguy, of course

13th Jul 2012, 1:34 AM

He's asking for it. D:<

19th Jul 2012, 7:38 AM

Bye Meed.

13th Jul 2012, 1:36 AM

Your muttonburns will be missed~


19th Jul 2012, 7:38 AM

"Bitch please"

13th Jul 2012, 1:41 AM

Sassy Madoc. :O

19th Jul 2012, 7:40 AM

die LAUGHING!!! just wait till you hear this next joke!

13th Jul 2012, 2:15 AM

It's a real killer.


19th Jul 2012, 7:40 AM

Hired assassin covered in weaponry, with years of experience, who was born into a race of people bred to be efficient killers?

... piece of cake!

13th Jul 2012, 4:08 AM

Someone apparently didn't do his research. 8I Or is underestimating...

19th Jul 2012, 7:42 AM

lol to funny

13th Jul 2012, 4:31 AM

Madoc, such wit~ :'D Even if he is a jerk.

19th Jul 2012, 7:43 AM

Maddoc almost looks like he's going to have lots of fun in a few seconds.

13th Jul 2012, 5:05 AM

Oh, definitely~ >:3

19th Jul 2012, 7:54 AM

Come on Madoc just kiss and make up already you always do this why are you so difficult.

13th Jul 2012, 5:34 AM

If there was a lady, he so would. o3o

19th Jul 2012, 7:55 AM

He is going to make a terrible mess in that alleyway.

13th Jul 2012, 6:04 AM

Yeah Madoc, why can't you be more tidy with your killings? D:< Man.

19th Jul 2012, 7:57 AM

(And then he climbs up a wall)

13th Jul 2012, 7:57 AM

Spider-Madoc~ ouo

19th Jul 2012, 7:58 AM

I sense a tactical backflip incoming!

13th Jul 2012, 8:35 AM

No no, that's Locke's thing. Madoc does frontflips into danger. :O

19th Jul 2012, 7:58 AM

I think that you are about to shamelessly depict gratuitous violence.

13th Jul 2012, 8:41 AM

... I cannot deny it.

19th Jul 2012, 7:59 AM

Somehow I am not that worried for Madoc.

13th Jul 2012, 11:34 AM

He is one confident guy, that Madoc.

19th Jul 2012, 8:01 AM

Action time >:D

13th Jul 2012, 3:07 PM

Yesss~! >:3

19th Jul 2012, 8:01 AM

To be fair my judgement was impaired by excessive amounts of antifreeze and booze.

I'll respawn in the forum later, ttyl

13th Jul 2012, 3:31 PM

Hmm, yes, that sounds fair. :O

19th Jul 2012, 8:02 AM

i pitty the poor man that has to clean that up.

13th Jul 2012, 11:43 PM

Moral of the Story: Don't talk to sketchy guys in alleyways.

Also don't call a trained mercenary into your sketchy alleyway and then threaten him.

19th Jul 2012, 8:04 AM

"Pu-lease. I'm the hot antagonist. I ain't goin' nowhere."

14th Jul 2012, 9:30 AM

Haha, I can picture him saying that. With flair~

19th Jul 2012, 8:05 AM

Fight, Fight, Fight!!!

...now this should be fun!

17th Jul 2012, 8:47 AM

Yus~! Hopefully I can draw it right. o_o

19th Jul 2012, 8:09 AM

Look, Nameless person with unnamed friends - how can you Not see how this will go down?
You're NAMELESS, Whereas the other guy has a name, a 'group' a backstory...
Someone shoulda read some TVTropes before leaving home. Oh, well

17th Jul 2012, 4:06 PM

I know, right! You'd think the guy would've known this stuff. D:< Trying to take Madoc's place as a main character, pffff.

19th Jul 2012, 8:10 AM

And then he successfully kills Madoc, becomes the new antagonist and everyone's jaws hit the floor as Las Vegas rakes in the money from mistaken bets :D

19th Jul 2012, 11:56 AM